20 August 1996

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  • John’s still sulking over the pig situation, he can’t understand Tony’s intransigence. Pat recomends he constructs a business plan and tries to mend some fences.
  • In the face of continued pressure from all and sundry, Sid still maintains that he wants rid of the cricket captaincy, David is the latest potential candidate to vehemently refuse to take on the mantle.
  • The parish council is to fund Lynda’s traffic calming signs. Apparently Lynda and Robert are involved in a house exchange holiday with some Americans, so Ambridge had better start making preparations for the colonial invasion 🙂
  • Harvesting continues at Brookfield and at the Estate – which about the only thing that Simon, fresh back from holiday (but unheard) seems happy about. He hears, on a local radio phone-in, complaints about the latest Grunday car-boot sale, and seems to blame Shula for the situation. Whilst saying nothing directly to her, he has dictated a letter, via Susan, to Mr Rodway, which Shula found amongst some other papers. In it Simon writes of his extreme displeasure at Shula’s handling of the whole problem, calling it either a deliberate flouting of his wishes or her incompetence ….

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