21 August 1996

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  • David wakes up (late) with a slightly sore head and sheepishly admits to Ruth that, after being plyed with drink, he’d agreed to take over the cricket captaincy until the end of the season!
  • Usha, still on a high over her new job, invites Ruth to supper in a collusion of the cricket widows.
  • Jack, upon walking across the cricket field, noticedthat the sprinkler had been on, watering the square, all night. Also, the ride-on mower was out of the garage and the whole place was in a mess. Naturally he, and Sid, jump to the obvious conclusion – the Birmingham kids. Janet is very defensive and they deny it when questioned.
  • As the trio are still discussing the situation, Richard appears for nets and it transpires that he was in the middle of mowing and watering when he was bleeped about a patient. He had called the Bull when he remembered, but Betty can’t have passed the message to Sid. Sid is very apologetic and wants to make it up to the kids.

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