22 August 1996

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  • Lizzie and Nigel are busy; organising the bank holiday fair and continued filming are unavoidable, Nigel’s getting involved with a scheme of Sid’s conscious (see yesterday’s) was not.
  • Sid’s scheme is an impromptu cricket match against the Birmingham kids followed by BBQ and disco for Friday. Nigel offered his captaincy services and is liasing with Janet, when ….
  • Tom had been loitering at Lower Loxley looking for a grip called “Hog”, who he’d met at The Bull. We next here from this unlikely pair as Janet and Nigel hear Hog revving his motorbike engine in the choir stalls. Tom thought the noise wouldn’t please the bats. Janet agreed but wasn’t happy, at which point Tom huffed off.
    (Aside: Tom had been dropped at LL by Jill and next turned up at the church with Hog and bike. Tom’s later years as a Hell’s Angel?
  • It transpired that the message about the cricket had been spiked with the Hasset Room orders, but this isn’t what was concerning Kathy. When Sid said that he wasn’t just not being captain any more he wasn’t playing, Kathy wanted an explanation. After much umming and aahhhing he admitted it was Sean, but it wasn’t the business rivalry, it was the fact that he and Peter were “blokes like them” …. Kathy is shell-shocked by this reaction.

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