23 August 1996

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  • John and Tony are slowly resolving their differences, Tony’s even planning where to put the pigs, but he still wants a business plan first. He is sure that John is commited though, after a little speech about this being real life not for beer money.
  • Betty, having spent the last few days being excited for Brenda and her big Isabella moment, is shocked to see that she was considered too mature for a child’s part, instead is playing a “tart” in one of the bordello scenes! Lizzie is looking forward to the end of the filming.
  • Richard is furious. He received a letter direct from Ken Barraclough, calling his response to the complaint a “pathetic attempt to justify [his] actions” and saying he is seeking an independent review from the health authority.
  • Janet (a closet chocaholic 🙂 is looking forward to the cricket match, which in the end turns out to be just the bridge-building and barrier-breaking exercise she’d hoped for. Nigel’s Ambridge Casuals are left defending five runs with only one wicket to take as Nigel bowls the last over. The first ball goes for four …. the second goes straight into Richard’s hands, the match is a fortuitous tie!

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