26 August 1996

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  • Julia is well and truly settled into Honeysuckle Cottage, Nelson isn’t so sure he likes this current tilt at permanence, though. There’s bedlam at Lower Loxley as the film crew’s departure coincides with the Summer Fayre. When Julia sees the mess “her home” has been reduced to, especially “her” herb garden, she refuses to return until amends are made. Nelson is thrilled ….
  • John is still concerned at Tony’s reluctance to help, Pat tries to convince him that he’s only trying to make sure that John is keen and that it is as viable as John is making out. (Shula laughingly warns of Simon’s probable wish to hike the rent in the event of runaway success!)
  • Kathy is still slightly shocked at Sid’s revelation over Sean, Pat is consoling, if not actually surprised, although she advises against trying to win Sid round by inviting Sean and Peter over for drinks.

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