15 October 1996

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  • The day of the grand-opening of the playground finds the village in a preparational frenzy with half the village baking bread for the evening’s Harvest Supper.
  • Nelson is fearful of Julia and Ellen overlapping, a fact that is obvious to Ellen who conspires to accompany him to the playground opening anyway! It turns out that she intends staying – at Honeysuckle Cottage and Julia still doesn’t know ….
  • Joe is off the baccy, but is hitting the sweet bag instead! He and Eddie are on a fixing spree, they want the farm to be free of things for Simon to complain about.
  • Clarrie discovers that Eddie misled her so she would enjoy the weekend, she’s grateful and fearful of the true situation. They are trying to enlist Usha’s help, although her attention iselsewgere.
  • Phil and Christine fondly remembers their father and what he might have made of the whole occasion.

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