16 October 1996

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  • Three is a crowd at Honeysuckle Cottage with Nelson probably right for fearing the consequences of the Rogers sisters meeting again. Constant bickering and it seems that Ellen might be considering making a play for Nelson …
  • Usha and Richard are still on rocky ground as he further considers the implications of the draft report, especially his amendments replying to the claims regarding his note-taking and the change of the will.
  • Susan is being over cautious on all sides, no jelly for Christopher at the celebratory tea party because of the gelatine scare and Emma doesn’t want to see Richard because of the playground rumours.
  • Richard dismisses Julia’s 12-step addiction plan as applied to Joe Grundy’s baccy kicking , which results in her shooting her mouth about his shortcomings in bedside manner. A comment he relays to Usha and Shula who defend him, but he’s still not sure that the report, no matter what the outcome, will vindicate his innocence.

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