23 July 1996

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  • Richard and Usha look at a new surgery, although Usha refuses to make an offer when it becomes apparent that Richard intends them living there too. Not that she opposes the principle, but the practice of being a doctor’s wife, as well as the step of buying a place together is not on her agenda quite yet.
  • The kids at the vicarage are starting to live up to potential, a very loud game of rounders (with a surprisingly conciliatory Uncle Tom) is followed by one of them getting drunk at the Cat.
  • Tom is starting to patch things up with Janet, ostensibly over helping with the bat problem. Which provokes more animosity with Bert over his news that the bat conservation people say they can’t move them (which will happen naturally in September anyway), the only options are to erect boards to deflect the droppings and put up nesting boxes for next year.
  • Richard has a appointment scheduled for Mrs Barraclugh’s son to visit him.
  • Another LSW sighting after Janet almost ran down a Paul Newman look alike (See section 1.15 of the FAQ if that abbreviation is meaningless.)

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