24 June 1996

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  • The aftermath of the festival and the talent contest;
    • Clarrie’s worried about her parlour curtains – and rightly so as Joe finds them in the rubbish in a bad state, having lost them while drunk at the festival
    • Brian’s complaining about the state of his field (after its use as a car park) and the swimming pool (after Kate and friends’ midnight dip)
  • The Grange Farm sheep need to be dipped, but neither Brookfield nor Home Farm seem compliant
  • Kate’s falafel selling was a success and she’s interested in doing it on a larger scale, at larger festivals
  • Clarrie’s looking forward to her French trip, pleasantly surprised that Jolene had given her ticket away
  • Ron put the cows in the wrong field after milking and Tony finally decides that he has got to go.

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