25 June 1996

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  • Richard’s not having a good day, thunderstorms in Ambridge means the surgery roof is still leaking, Usha is still not happy with his furniture in the spare room and Usha’s aunt is expected next week.
  • Tony is still not happy with Ron, but a sob story to Pat about being able to put a deposit down for a holiday saves his neck – for now.
  • Janet is not too happy with St. Stephen’s being full of bat droppings and is still keen on using the vicarage as a holiday home for deprived children, which Shula seemed to see as a good idea.
  • Nets end in the pub with Janet being given the credit for the newly improved Darrington-Ambridge relations
  • The film to be shot at Lower Loxley is to be a period drama, the crew are staying at Grey Gables and Lynda might introduce herself because she’s “been involved with films before, you know
  • Kate is still keen on the catering opportunities at big festivals – but Roy is not a big fan of the idea.

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