25 July 1996

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  • Joe’s organising another car boot sale, Clarrie’s not happy, but Joe’s reminds her that as Simon is on holiday soon it won’t matter.
  • It’s the day of the film auditions;
    • Clarrie lands a good part – in two scenes!
    • Joe’s in too, despite his earlier poo-pooing.
    • Lynda was not the favourite person of the casting rep, but is in for a crowd scene.
    • The mystery of Paul Newman is solved – he was Richard and Usha’s estate agent – but still no word on the starring roles!
  • Pat’s concerned that John is abusing Hayley’s help and skimping on his Bridge Farm duties
  • Sid’s defensive over Sean’s absence from the team, Bert claims repercussions over the festival bar and Pat is suspicous of Tony’s motives as selector.

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