25 October 1996

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  • The Grundys are coming to terms with the events of the previous night, the barn is a wreck, as is the milking parlour. The vet has had a busy night as their herd of cattle is reduced from 40 to just 6. The insurance assessor is picking over the ashes and the police are around, although Eddie is pragmatic in the face of what will undoubtedly be accusations of a deliberate act.
  • The village is being very supportive, Brian has already given some hay, and Phil offers to house the remaining cattle. Ruth gives voice to the suspicion of arson, but Shula (and Phil) are horrified.
  • Joe is distraught, a life’s work in ruins, made worse by the possibility that they’re under-insured.
  • William is coming to grips with the possibility that he might have caused the blaze. This is made worse by the discovery of Gyp’s body in the barn, William is grief-stricken.

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