28 October 1996

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  • William’s feeling ill, although it could be put on. He’s still blaming himself for the fire, although the Fire Brigade are blaming wiring in the workshop – nowhere near his smoking spot. After a visit from Richard he feels better, prompting more gratitude to the doctor, on top of thanks for noticing the fire in the first place.
  • Joe and Eddie are singing the Archers’ praises for their help, although the cows aren’t much additional work. People are remembering that this incident could be difficult for Phil, too. Especially poignant was Janet’s sermon on Sunday – the Good Samaritan.
  • William’s feeling bad about Gyp, so has Clarrie because he had originally been Jethro’s (her father). They’re touched when Jill offers them a pup from a litter that is descended from Gyp.
  • Richard’s happy because their cleaning lady started that morning.
  • Eddie’s not looking forward to tomorrow – the loss adjuster is due to visit, and their under-insuredness will come to Clarrie’s attention.

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