29 October 1996

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  • Blossom Hill cottage is in a small amount of turmoil thanks to the cleaner, but all seems to be reasonably well.
  • Ellen is off to Cheltenham with Nigel for the day, meanwhile Julia is concerned that the wine-bar’s re-decoration (paid for in part by Ellen and performed soon by Sean) is to be too strongly influenced by Ellen, even down to whether the theme will be ratton or cane furniture!
  • Things don’t improve at Grange Farm, although Nelson’s the latest to offer solace and help: chocolate, an unused drill and some cigars (for Joe, but don’t tell Julia!)
  • From bad to worse as the loss-adjuster visits and the extent of Joe’s under-insurance is uncovered, even though the estate’s insurance should cover the buildings, as Clarrie points out, with a £16,000 shortfall on the cattle insurance, they’ll not be able to afford to put anything in them. Eddie’s looking on the bright side, but Clarrie’s not convinced.

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