26 September 1996

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  • Eddie is thinking of doing the work on the diary himself, but Clarrie doesn’t want a botched job just for a small saving, he hasn’t seen Shula yet, either.
  • Joe’s dreading his appointment, he’s obviously frightened. Clarrie being great, even Eddie’s being supportive, taking him to the hospital and looking on the bright side, even when they had to stick around for a mysterious second set. He’s to see Richard next week for the results.
  • John’s in Borchester for a meeting with Pat & Tony’s accountant, who was impressed with the business plan. He’s first problem theough is finding some organic weeners, which he does – in Norfolk.
  • Julia drags Nelson to a cafe-bar in Felpersham, which although successful, doesn’t make that big an impression on Nelson, who doesn’t seem to be keen on empire-building, nor going for the younger crowd as this (one of a chain) has done. (Can you see Nelson playing Alanis Morissette in the Wine Bar?)

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