27 September 1996

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  • Richard’s apology to Marjorie over his outburst is graciously accepted and he’s still kicking himself over his performance in front of the board.
  • Satya is here for the fair, indeed, thanks to a meeting, she’s even doing Usha’s fortune-telling at the fete! She rekindles the firm friendship with Marjorie.
  • The flower and produce show produces winners and losers;
    • Tom’s 1st (potatoes) and 2nd (onions) betters Bert’s (3rd in both), so he’s happy!
    • Lynda’s not pleased when her chrsanthemums trail in second behind Usha’s entry!
  • There will be a re-creation of a marathon bell peal which took place on the 1st October, 1896, to coincide with the opening of the playground. Tom’s keen to get involved, although Janet is concerned over his frailty.

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