30 September 1996

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  • Fall-out from the fete includes a slight cold for Jamie and a bad back for Eddie, gained in The Bull’s defeat (and subsequent dunking in the Am) at the hands of The Cat in the tug-of-war. Satya’s fortune-telling had been successful, with everyone being foretold luck and riches!
  • Satya turns up to the surgery with bad news for Richard, a reporter had called at the cottage, asking for comments. Later it turns out that Richard thought he was being followed by a photographer at the fete.
  • Eddie and Joe are discussing the doom-laden fate of their herd, and also hoping that they’re right in thinking that the estate has to pick up the tab for the building renovations.
  • Nelson is annoyed at Julia – again – this time she’s been re-arranging his sitting-room.
  • Usha has to go to London for a few days and Satya doesn’t want to leave Richard on his own, so she’s putting off her departure until the end of the week.

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