28 August 1996

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  • Lizzie wants a break (which Nigel seems to have – albeit only to a client in Guildford) as the clear-up at Lower Loxley continues. Disaster looms though, as she tells Jill that the storage people seemed to have lost Julia’s portrait of her late husband, Gerald, and as Lizzie had overseen the packing, guess who’s going to be in the firing line!
  • Brookfield’s combine problem is helped with the loan of one from Brian – complete with Driver Debbie! David isn’t fully convinced of her abilities and supervises too obviously, but gets his comeuppance when she beats him over a small wager!
  • Tom, while not back at St. Stephen’s, is taking his Bat-job seriously, borrowing Sean’s Batladder to put up some more Batmothballs (but no Batbikes anymore!) He also reminisces to any that will listen about the loss of the church’s status in the community.
  • David’s captaincy is not off to a good start as a team for Saturday is looking incomplete ….
  • Kathy attempts to invite Sean (and Peter) to the Bull for drinks, but her invitation to Sean, as an “educational” visit for Sid, falls on stony ground as Sean rebuffs the offer.

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