29 August 1996

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  • Nigel and Lizzie’s relationship is feeling the strain, Nigel seems to be blaming her for all the current down-sides; Julia’s absence, his father’s missing portrait, that sort of thing, but Lizzie isn’t buying that particular line.
  • John (with a loan from Pat) and Eddie head to a farm sale, they make a deal to avoid competing in return for sharing the spoils, only once home John decides that Eddie over-bid and reneges on the deal, which pleases Eddie no end.
  • Pat is slightly shocked at John’s estimate of the initial outlay and isn’t surprised that he’s displaying a little reticence in talking to Tony!
  • Nelson is still bearing up in spite of Julia. After Kathy mentions that the Snell holiday was arranged via the Internet, he admits Shane has advised him to get wired up, although he feels that it sounds rather unpleasant!

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