A crisis at Brookfield as Ruth’s favourite cow takes a tumble.

Radio Times: Kathy is alarmed.

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  • Ruth and Phil are still plotting about Pip’s piano when David rushes in to say poor Bluebell has gone down in the yard and he can’t get her up. It’s all David’s fault for not scraping out the yard properly so she’s slipped on the ice. Alistair says there’s not much hope she’ll recover but David’s going to give it a go for Ruth’s sake.
  • Kathy is tripping over pheasants in Clarrie’s kitchen. Seems like Eddie had a late night. Kathy is planning a special Christmas for Jamie this year but is rather distracted by Joe’s appearance sans shirt. Clarrie has to break it to him that the turkeys are taking over his bedroom. Joe thinks he might sleep on Kathy’s sofa but she’s not so keen.
  • Clarrie and Pat think William’s date with Emma is rather romantic but he’s keeping where they are going pretty close. Pat’s trying to dilute the Greg factor by inviting Kathy and Jamie for Christmas lunch but Kathy prefers the idea of a day at home.

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