A day at the Royal; Pat and Tony decide to avoid Lilian’s party.

Radio Times: Tony has a confession to make.

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  • Tony is not looking forward to Lilian’s party. He admits to Pat that his anger with Brian manifested itself physically – not roughing him up, he explains – but close!
  • At the Royal, Ruth and David are keen to look at alternative breeds of dairy cattle – well, Ruth is keen, David is more conservative. David is also not pleased to find that Ruth is getting a phone call from Gray, who is also at the show: he is rather jealous and must have thought that particular threat had passed.
  • Oliver has his first order for Stirling Gold cheese. Pat continues her conversation with Tony and concludes that, if there is going to be an atmosphere, they should not go to Lilian’s party; that suits Tony: the less he sees of Brian the better. David is surprised and relieved to learn that Gray is not a bright young thing but is a rather mature bald guy; so maybe he can be persuaded to say hello after all.

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