A day of mysteries: not only the plays but what happened to the Grundys’ own turkey.

Radio Times: A big day for Lynda.

  • Alan is pleased with the turkey Joe has brought him, non-committal about the price and definitely not pleased about Joe’s references to “the black woman” and “the drug addict”.
  • The Mystery Plays are in full swing and if anyone is in doubt about where to go next, fear not, for the Angel Gabriel is on hand to put them right. William is full of praise for Clarrie and Fallon is whisked from location to location by Jazzer on his motor bike.
  • The Kings scene, which Alistair feels is like a trio of pompous bank managers, goes well, although Daniel did not think Alistair looked the part – no crown! Ruth has been introduced to Mabel and expresses her admiration for Alan having taken in a complete stranger; his response is that Christ comes into our homes in the guise of a stranger but he is less than impressed by the attitude of some villagers. It will soon be time for Herod to be dragged off to hell by Graham Ryder, let that be a warning to us all.
  • William has been to Keeper’s Cottage to collect the turkey for tomorrow but has found the pantry bare.
  • Lynda’s rhyming finale is deemed a success and the two directors are giving appropriate presents for their contributions.
  • The mystery of the missing turkey is solved: Joe sold it to the vicar. Clarrie sends William away with comforting words about the pie she will rustle up from the contents of her freezer. In fact, the freezer is bare too, so Eddie will have a busy night gathering the ingredients for a game pie. (William might find that hard to swallow!)

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