Sonja and Annette arrive from France; one pleased to be here, one not.

Radio Times: Party time at Home Farm.

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  • Jennifer is doubtful that the erection of the frames for the strawberry tunnels will be finished by the end of the day but, as Adam points out, they were learning yesterday and will now make more rapid progress. It’s party time at Home Farm tonight but Brian is tired and stiff (age catching up on him!) and is not looking forward to it. He suggests to Adam that he might like to go to the Oxford Conference. Brian has two tickets but has decided not to go this year; he will hold the fort and suggests that Adam invites David along.
  • Sonja is pleased to be back in Ambridge and is looking forward to Christmas. Annette is still in bed and not so enthused, it would appear. Sonja wishes that her dad had woken her when he went on his rounds but no matter, they will go for a walk later; she is less than thrilled about going to the Home Farm party after what happened there in the summer.
  • Brian had fallen asleep in the bath but makes the party in time to greet Greg and family. Greg is concerned over Annette being withdrawn but Jennifer and Helen put it down to her being thirteen.
  • David has got the go ahead from Ruth to go to Oxford. Brian has decided on a present for Jennifer: a trip to a health spa, only this time he will go too.
  • Sonja makes her apologies to Jennifer about last time and, since there is no sound of open warfare from the kitchen, we can probably assume that she has also made it up with Alice but Annette still looks a bit spare. Jennifer feels that everyone has had a lovely evening, including herself; she hardly thought about last year’s party all evening.

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