A false dawn at Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: A false dawn at Bridge Farm.

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  • Robert’s looking forward to a quiet afternoon with the paper – only Lynda’s promised Janet that they’ll take some photos of St Stephens and Lynda’s feeling guilty about not making it to mass this morning so she drags Robert and his digital camera out! She’s also got her eye on an introduction to aromatherapy course at the village hall on Thursday.
  • Pat’s still feeling weary, but she knows that she needs to snap out of it, Janet agrees but begs her to take things gently to begin with.
  • Tommy wants to go and have another chat with Hayley, but Tony things that there’s been enough talking and that maybe what’s done is done and to leave things be for the moment.
  • Tony’s in the pub and wonders whether Janet’s anti-GM article in the parish magazine might not have been a little strong but Robert convinces him that there’s possibly more anger in the community than he thinks.
  • Pat’s cooked a full Sunday roast and seems on top of things, Tommy tries to help but she just shoos him away to the TV. When he leaves her alone though, she bursts into tears, seemingly frustrated with her inability to shake her current state off.