Eddie wants to be a millionaire.

Radio Times: Eddie wants to be a millionaire.

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  • Eddie’s Capri is to go, Clarrie’s going to do all the shifts she can at the Bull and they’re going to sell a couple of cows – all to meet the outstanding fertiliser bill. Needs must.
  • Tommy and Hayley are still at each other’s throats. The current spark is Helen’s packaging of the latest batch of sausages. Gone is the name “Ambridge Originals” and now they’re under the Bridge Farm banner. She stirs it, though, when suggesting that Tommy should have fought harder if he felt so strongly about Hayley’s involvement in the farm.
  • Hayley agrees to help Kathy out with child-minding when she starts her shop-sharing at a local school.
  • Hayley visits Pat and agrees that medication might not always be the answer and it certainly seems that Pat is brighter than she’s been for a while. Helen, though, isn’t so sure and suggests that Hayley is just complicating the situation because she isn’t family.
  • In the pub later Tommy tries to apologise to Hayley for a terrible mistake and to get her to come back, but she’s determined that Bridge Farm and she are not to be together again.