Susan hears some personal passions.

Radio Times: Susan hears some personal passions.

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  • It seems that when Nigel balled out his mother yesterday she was in the process of dictating a tape and she forgot to hit the stop button, so having delivered the tape to Susan for transcription, Susan and Neil find themselves listening to Nigel and Lizzie’s smooching! Susan’s very embarrassed and persuades a voyeuristically reluctant Neil to erase that portion of the tape, only he actually manages to wipe the whole thing. The problem solves itself in the form of Clarrie, a voracious consumer of romantic fiction. She gamely steps into the breach and belts out some corking prose. Whether it’s what Julia wrote is anyone’s guess, but it’s probably better.
  • William’s convinced that there’s wild boar in Leader’s Wood (which alarmed Marjorie and Hayley last week), he’s found pictures on the Internet and got books from the library. His grandfather thinks it’s just a pig gone astray, but William’s taking a plaster cast of a trotter-print for further analysis.
  • Jill’s B&B nightmare continues, the current guests’ wayward teenage son was throwing stones at Jet this morning – on top of a fox having killed three hens last night.
  • Pat’s feeling brighter today so has given a harrassed Clarrie some time off, but some bills hidden behind the mantelpiece clock bring bad news for Eddie – a £300 fertiliser bill has been handed on to a debt collection agency.