Nigel puts his foot down.

Radio Times: Nigel puts his foot down.

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  • Tony’s anti-GM crusade continues, on the one hand he’s very pleased with Janet’s piece in the parish magazine coming out firmly against and he’s also been on the the soil association who are sending a representative out to determine if Brian’s trials endanger Bridge Farm’s organic status. On the other hand, though, Pat is still not up for anything, although she seems to be looking forward to Hayley’s visit later.
  • Julia and Lizzie are oN much better terms, even to the extent that Lizzie wouldn’t mind Julia to take an active rôle in the proposed gallery in a converted out-house. Nigel, though, is not so happy with Mummy. Her new routine of inviting the on-site workmen to take tea with her every afternoon is not finding favour with the foreman. He asks her to cease and desist and she seems to agree, only that afternoon she annoys Lizzie too by allowing them to share the tea laid out for the conference delegates! Lizzie excuses her behaviour by suggesting that she must like surrounding herself with burly men, she, meanwhile only has eyes for Nigel and, while the coast is clear they sneak off for a little afternoon delight. (Of course, it’s presumably coincidence that we around the time that conception must occur for a millennium baby to bring the sound of little feet to Lower Loxley.)
  • The Soil Association rep comes and looks around Bridge and Home Farms and, much to Tony’s chagrin doesn’t find much cause to complain. Debbie tries to patch things up – it seems Tony and Brian hadn’t parted on particularly good terms – and Pat can’t take Tony’s stirring and takes to her bed asking Tony to fob Hayley off.