A family at war.

Radio Times: A family at war.

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  • Tommy and Helen are running the ice cream stall at the Lower Loxley point-to-point, but their constant bickering and sniping isn’t going to be winning them many customers. Tommy’s still only too happy to moan about her taking everything over and she’s only too happy to point out how she’s taken over the running of the most of the farm and home. Lizzie, on a walk around the stalls, would rather they weren’t so obviously arguing.
  • Roy’s got Phoebe for the day and, with Hayley’s help, has brought her along to Lower Loxley. They drop by for an ice cream and there’s a few awkward moments between Tommy, Hayley and Helen, but it convinces Hayley that she should go and visit Pat, denying Helen’s attempt to PNG her – she still misses the direction and new opportunities that the pig business was offering her. She doesn’t want to return to Brum or leave Marjorie and, after everything, she still misses Bridge Farm, even if the Bridge Farmers aren’t entirely to her taste at the moment.
  • The favourite in the point to point has dropped out and Shula’s in with a shot (which pleases Daniel no end), it also please Joe, who’s there for a bit of a wager, but this doesn’t please Clarrie who’d rather their rent money wasn’t won from the bookie! Shula, eventually, comes third so Daniel’s pleased and so, in a small way, is Joe, who’d had her for a place.