Sid is a competitive dad.

Radio Times: Sid is a competitive dad.

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  • It’s seem as though most of the village are on Lakey Hill for the egg-rolling, although Kathy seems to wish Sid wasn’t. He’s taking it all very seriously and wants to make sure Jamie is in the best position to win. Kathy mentions that she’s rather hoping that Jamie doesn’t show any sporting aptitude as Sid will drive her nuts!
  • Hayley’s up with her charges and Kathy wonders if she might have a bit of spare time to mind Jamie – she’s had an offer of a jobshare.
  • Susan’s been chatting with Siobhán Hathaway and relates her feelings to Clarrie. She likes her, but seems a little jealous of the completeness of her life, they’ve travelled, had a career, got a good husband and now settling down in a rural idyll. Susan likens it to the village being a scene from a film and the villagers merely players. Clarrie’s pleased to hear that she doesn’t sound like Lynda!
  • Josh and Pip are around with their Gran (David was up with the lambs and Ruth is tending her vegetable patch) and Daniel’s around with Shula (Alistair’s on call and still in her bad books).
  • The egg-rolling comences and after a ding-dong battle, Jamie edges out Daniel on the line much to Sid’s pleasure!