Songs of praise at St Stephens.

Radio Times: Songs of praise at St Stephens.

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  • Jill’s a little late for church – they’re back in the main house from their little holiday in Rickyard Cottage, but the new B&B guests have a tardy son so breakfast took a long time.
  • The service goes well, although it’s considered that Janet’s sermon, preaching a one-world message and a cancellation of third world debt, might have gone over some heads. She admits afterwards that the new parish magazine, with her article on GM crops, might hit home a littl harder.
  • Marjorie’s on her own, with Hayley having gone home for Easter, so Jill invites her to Brookfield for lunch.
  • Eddie’s tries (and fails) to sell his beloved Capri to try and raise the back-rent (of £1000). He and Clarrie are trying to avoid pawning things like wedding rings and his guitar.
  • Alistair’s in Shula’s black books. Bunty and Reg, Mark’s parents, dropped round to give Daniel an Easter Egg and mentioned an open day at a local pre-prep school. Alistair is, it seems, distinctly anti-private education and was happy to expound at length as to his reasons. Shula’s not sure what she wants for Daniel, but hadn’t ruled out a private school.