The village holds a cross-carrying ceremony for Good Friday.

Radio Times: The village holds a cross-carrying ceremony for Good Friday.

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  • David and Debbie discuss her ideas about a lamb co-operative and while there are a lot of buzzwords and details to workout, Brookfield is, in principle, interested.
  • The cross-carrying from Darrington Church to St Stephens goes off well, each volunteer carrying the large cross for half a mile, so it’s hard work. As it arrives in Ambridge, there’s quite a crowd and Debbie and Kathy see it arrive and agree that it’s a moving tribute.
  • With Pat still off-form, Helen’s got the weight of the Bridge Farm dairy on her shoulders and is loving every minute of it. An ice-cream stall is booked at Tuesday’s point-to-point at Lower Loxley and she badgers Tommy into helping out (and refuses Clarrie a day off so there’s someone in the dairy).
  • Meanwhile Tommy’s trying to do his accounts and Helen mocks his system. She recomends he get the sausages VAT registered to enforce a little rigour onto his haphazard system, but he just takes this as her trying to poke her nose in again. He storms that she won’t be happy until she controls everything, especially that Hayley’s out of the way because of her. She tries to defend herself, but he’s in full flow, really giving her what for about swanning back in with big ideas and queening around the dairy. What a family their family business belongs to.