Someone is successful at the art sale.

Radio Times: Someone is successful at the art sale.

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  • Julia’s selling has been going well, but Lizzie’s goodwill is strained because some of the paintings have been collected and while they’ve been sold, Lizzie wanted to keep the exhibition as a whole to the end. (Julia has even sold one canvas to Don, one of her friendly builders.)
  • Clarrie’s struggling a little with Helen as dairy boss and at home with William, who’s told not to think about cricket until after his exams.
  • Joe’s out in the yard sprucing up the cows. It seems the bureaucracy he was complaining about yesterday was the cows needing their photos taken for their new passports …. suspicious? He wasn’t until William and Eddie revealed that the “MAFF photographer” was a mate of Snatch Foster and it was an April Fool! Joe wasn’t laughing and declared himself on strike.