Pat is heavy going

Radio Times: Pat is heavy going

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  • As with all good news, when received at Grange Farm it’s accompanied by some bad, well, questionable at least. One the one hand Borchester Land has given them two months to pay the thousand pounds they owe from this quarter’s rent and Eddie is ecstatic with the news. On the other hand though, MAFF is sending a representative tomorrow to look at their cows with respect to the cattle passport scheme. Joe’s distinctly nonplussed at this, he sees it as a lot of extra work in order to comply with an idea that will have come from Brussels on a slow day.
  • Jill and Kathy pay Pat visits but, with the best will in the world, getting anything out of her is like wading through treacle. She’s also convinced that it’s something post-viral or related to the ‘flu.
  • Sid and Kathy take a bracing walk to the top of Lakey Hill – so that Jamie can practice egg-rolling it seems. Sid’s “focus” on not wasting a moment is starting to wear a little with Kathy. Especially when he almost volunteers to help carry the cross from Darrington to Ambridge in Janet’s Good Friday procession.
    I had intimated that I didn’t know what egg-rolling was. It’s a race down the side of a hill with hard-boiled, painted eggs. Obviously really. So glad I asked!
  • The Metcalfs are enjoying Brookfield so much that Phil and Jill will be spending the remainder of this week in the cottage – which will please Phil no end.