The rape of the countryside?

Radio Times: The rape of the countryside?

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  • They’re still lambing at Home Farm and Debbie’s in charge, with Eddie having taken the night shift and Brian covered for her yesterday evening when, in a rare night out, she went to a NFU dinner and saw a presentation on “collaborative marketing”. The suggestion being that why expend lots of time and effort into raising, say a flock of lambs, only to then sell them at whatever the market is at that time. She’s arranged to meet with Phil and David later in the week to discuss the possibility of cooperating to market their products at a premium.
  • Julia drops in on Susan and, having passed some distinctly condescending comments on their house (eg. “cozy” – a fact that two kids are making them only too aware of), leaves some dictaphone tapes. The problem is that Julia hasn’t been particularly keen on using the stop button and theres few of Evangeline’s amourous adventures for Susan to transcribe but lots of Julia getting comfortable and talking to people!
  • Neil’s been covering the morning milking at Bridge Farm and there’s general concern for Pat.
  • Tony visits Brian to express his concern that the GM crop might undo all of his 15 years of organic work. Brian is adamant that he’s operating well within the rules and that Tony’s wooly-minded scare-mongering isn’t going to help. Having given his brother-in-law generally short shrift, Debbie reminds Brian that Pat and Tony have been going through a very tough time recently, what with the first anniversary of John’s death. Brian sees the point, but points out Tony’s infuriating nature.