There is a disturbance in the woods.

Radio Times: There is a disturbance in the woods.

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  • Marjorie’s enjoying the strong scented flowers in her garden – and about to enjoy some subscriptions to talking magazines, thanks to Hayley getting in touch with the providers.
  • Tim Hathaway is out to see Pat, although she’s a little reluctant at first. They have a long chat, about her state, the recent past … and about John. Eventually he diagnoses depression, although she’s still not sure – especially about his suggestion of tablets. He leaves a prescription for her and offers further counselling if she needs him.
  • Helen’s taken a few weeks off work to cover for her mother – and Clarrie’s having a bit of nightmare of a Monday morning which doesn’t seem to impress Helen particularly.
  • Marjorie and Hayley are walking in the woods. Mrs A has been up to Bridge Farm to discuss their possible advertising on the church tourism noticeboard and passes on the news that Pat might be suffering from a little more than ‘flu. Hayley concerned and, with hindsight, suggests that depression makes sense. They’re diverted though, as the dogs seem upset at something in the woods, Marjorie thought she saw a large animal, but can’t be sure, what with her sight.