It is time to pull together.

Radio Times: It is time to pull together.

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  • Shula’s looking after Basil the donkey outside the church, he behaves himself during the Palm Sunday service, but Daniel’s more interested in when the rides start and whether the donkey relieves himself or not!
  • Pat’s recovered from Friday – Tim Hathaway came out and diagnosed hyperventilation – scary for Pat but not life-threatening.
  • Phil and Jill aren’t particularly enjoying being holed up in the cottage, but lucky Jason’s been out to see the cottage already and should be able to make it completely habitable by Wednesday.
  • Tony’s taken a walk around Brian’s GM crops and plans to try and talk to him about the issues of cross-pollenation. Helen’s home and she and Tommy bicker while Pat’s still hiding away upstairs. Tony’s decided to put his foot down and starts to try and get his family to pull together for once.