“Every breath you take.”

Radio Times: “Every breath you take.”

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  • Lizzie’s been to Grey Gables to get Jack’s approval on a couple of pictures he wants to buy but wanted to check them in situ. On her way back home she wants to pick up Jill to take her to see the show. Jill, though, has had a major disaster. The Bains, the family who stayed in Rickyard Cottage checked out this morning, dropping off their key with a small mumble about a small problem with the kitchen. This turned out to be slightly bigger than that … a major chip pan fire, some badly house-trained pets (and owners for that matter), and assorted electrical, paintwork and plaster problems, makes the cottage almost uninhabitable for the Matcalfs, the next visiting family, due this evening. There’s no other solution – Jill and Phil will live here for a few days, the Metcalfs can have Brookfield!
  • Tommy is still putting off Tony’s request that he make a decision about whether or not he wants to make another load of sausages. Tommy still blames Tony for Hayley no longer being around and is perfectly willing to tell him at all available opportunities. Tommy tries telephoning her again, but she’s still not interested in returning but he decides to go ahead with another batch anyway.
  • Pat is feeling like the piggy in the middle of her warring husband and son, but when things come to a firey head and Tommy storms out, she flips and accuses Tony of bad man management and of driving another son away. As Tommy drives off on a tractor she asks if Tony realises that he’s repeating mistakes and, maybe just in the heat of the moment, she says that she blames him for John’s death. This accusation hits him hard and they continue to row but Pat starts to have trouble breathing and their disagreement is temporarily forgotten with the onset of chest pains and pins and needles in her arms. Tony frantically tries to raise help on the phone but dials the wrong number (presumably not dialling 999 then?) ….