“Let’s stick together.”

Radio Times: “Let’s stick together.”

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  • Lady Day dawns and the Grundys are at the estate office bright and early to talk to Graham Ryder. Trouble is, he’s not around, but Brian is. After much prevaricated and attempts at obfuscation, they hand a cheque over. It’s almost a thousand pounds short. Brian, it transpired, isn’t so unsympathetic and will try and paint a kind picture to his board. Joe’s not convinced that it will do any good though.
  • Shula’s practicing on a good jumper called Darcy for the point to point next week at Lower Loxley. Janet’s coming over later to see the donkeys (Basil and Sybil!) in regard to Sunday’s service.
  • Brian, George and Jack meet to discuss the state of the Grey Gables shoot. Brian makes his offer, initially Jack is sceptical of his motives, but Brian paints a distinctly altruistic picture that shooting is in danger and, while they are in competition, they have to protect each other from other serious sources, like protesters and the like. Eventually Jack agrees and even george says that he will continue part-time – but they do agree on the stipulation that William should be got in to help whenever possible, too. George, though, still doubts Brian’s motives – but Jack proved remarkably easy to convince.