“Should I stay or should I go?”

Radio Times: “Should I stay or should I go?”

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  • Julia is playing havoc at Lower Loxley. Not only is she hosting increasingly popular tea parties (her “pet” builders and, it seems, certain female delegates from conferences!) but two of her builders, Don and Simon, have erected some scaffolding right in the middle of the room hosting the art sale! Nigel and Lizzie return from buying wine and cheese supplies with about an hour to go before the preview of the exhibition to find this impromptu installation. Julia’s convinced it will add to the effect of some of the darker, more industrial, works, but Lizzie wants to murder her mother-in-law. Nigel points out that with 20-odd people enjoying tea, there may be a few witnesses – best to do it somewhere less public.
  • Jack and Brian are to have a meeting tomorrow to discuss their shoots – Jack’s having trouble getting George to agree to admit though.
  • Hayley assures Marjorie that, despite Bridge Farm being an important reason for her moving back to Ambridge, the current situation won’t mean she’ll be returning to Brum. Later though, as she’s sitting with Roy and Phoebe, feeding the ducks, she admits that without Bridge Farm, she hasn’t got many reasons to stay. Roy winds her up a bit by suggesting that if she leaves the only person that will be happy will be Helen ….
  • The scaffolding, naturally, is a huge success. The punters love it and the exhibits are almost flying over the walls (and spoles). Lizzie, despite her earlier fury, manages to eat her words and praise Julia’s idea, to such an extent as asking Julia to handle the sales for the next couple of weeks. Of course Julia will, for the smallest of fees! She can sit in the corner, dictating her novel, too!