“Baby, come back.”

Radio Times: “Baby, come back.”

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  • Unlike Jack, Brian is very happy with his keeper – Greg, it seems, is doing a fine job, with the covers and woods in fine condition. Brian, having flattered his man, wonders whether Greg might not be able to find some time to help Jack out at Grey Gables in his time of need. No altruism though, after Greg sounded unimpressed – he wanted to be a head keeper, not some lacky – Brian wondered whether, once his help had become invaluable to Jack and whether the consequent increase in the probability of merging the two shoots, he wouldn’t mind being in charge of a much larger shoot ….
  • Tommy’s banging around the place and a still fragile Pat is not being particularly sympathetic. Hayley’s been avoiding him, it seems, and he doesn’t like it.
  • Cindy, it seems, is Sid’s personal trainer from the leisure centre, although Kathy’s still have trouble getting around the idea of this gorgeous, lithesome, willowy, blonde Michelle Pfeiffer-look-a-like putting Sid through his paces! She’d dropped in to tell him about the Easter opening hours (or somesuch excuse) – she was never jealous, just curious (even we she’d seen her but not known the story – out of Sid’s league!).
  • Tommy finally catches up with Hayley and she admits to missing the pigs. He wants her to come back, it’s not the same. He’s working up to telling her something, but eventually he bottles out, helen’s no good with pigs and mentions money. She had seemed to be softening, but it really isn’t about the money. She’s not on strike for a pay rise and seems more than a little offended that that’s all that Bridge Farm seems to think of her.