“Who’s that lady.”

Radio Times: “Who’s that lady.”

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  • Whilst out running Sid comes across a lamb stuck in a fence, he extricates it with a little help from a passing Alistair – he asks if Alistair might pop into The Bull later for a quick chat about the cricket season.
  • Janet’s trying to put together an article on GM foods for the parish newsletter and asks a very busy Tony for help, he promises to drop round some literature. Janet mentions to a still not-quite-right Pat, that Tommy didn’t seem on top form. It’s obviously something that’s worrying Pat as when she and Tony talk she just sobs aways.
  • Janet’s also preparing her Easter services, she needs some volunteers for a procession carrying a cross from Darrington to Ambridge and also wants a donkey from the stables for this coming Sunday’s service.
  • Alistair visits the Bull to talk cricket as requested (although he’d rather be at home, celebrating his wife’s passing of her retakes for her horse instructing course). Sid is manager, Alistair is Captain, with the distinction being one that will obviously cause some headaches. A few personnel issues are the first to test the relationship, Alistair wants to bring William Grundy into the squad on a permanent basis but Sid thinks he’s too young. Alistair thinks that selection issues are solely his domain, but Sid’s not so happy with keeping his finger out of that pie.
  • While out running Sid received a mystery phone call, from “Cindy”. He dismisses it, but later a gorgeous young thing turns up in The Bull ….