“Let me try again.”

Radio Times: “Let me try again.”

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  • Alistair and Jill are picking free range eggs – he’s there to collect Daniel who’s been helping Phil with the lambs. Shula’s been off practicising for a forthcoming point-to-point – as well as trying to put some time into preparing to retake her horse-instructor exams tomorrow.
  • Some of Jill’s B&B customers are causing headaches, but they’d rather problematic customers than none at all.
  • Tony is off trying to rebuild some bridges. He tries to have another word with Hayley. She’s sorry for her outburst the other night, not for what she said, though, but for how. She’s got no intentions of returning as an employee (refusing even to look at some salary projections he’s prepared). They’ve all been through a lot together and she loves them all dearly, but it’s time to move on.
  • Meanwhile, One of the pig arcs has received a battering from the wind and while Neil lends a hand, Tommy bends his ear about the situation with Hayley. He’s sure where the blame lies. He’s regretting facing Hayley himself – and this regret boils over when Tony returns with the bad news. Tommy obviously wants Hayley back into the fold and, on Neil’s advice, he’ll speak to her in the week. Although as Tony is adamant on the partnership issue, about what, remains to be seen.