Pat is not feeling right.

Radio Times: Pat is not feeling right.

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  • The dairy is having problems. Pat’s up and about but when a pump which has been going wrong continues to cause problems, she sends Clarrie home having first been unamused that Clarrie couldn’t cope.
  • Hayley tries to talk to Pat about the current situation, but Pat (who doesn’t seem to know much about the problem) doesn’t really want to talk to her about it and suggests she return when Tony’s around – even suggesting that Hayley talk to Helen!
  • Daniel’s spent the day at Alistair’s surgery and something seems to have worked because that evening he asks that Alistair read his bedtime story.
  • Hayley confides to a concerned Marjorie that she thinks it’s all Helen’s doing, that she’s managed to get her parents to unite against her involvement in Bridge Farm.