A family celebration.

Radio Times: A family celebration.

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  • Lower Loxley, beetles aside (which weren’t tapping the other day – it was a loose wisteria) looks lovely as the families (including Professor Lloyd, Alistair’s father, and even Bunty and Reg, Mark’s parents) join to watch the wedding, before moving on to the blessing where, much to a tearful Shula’s surprise, the village has turned out to watch them affirm their recently taken vows.
  • Away from the wedding, it seems Julia’s starting her autobiography … with her (not Nigel’s) new £150 fountain pen!
  • They celebrate in style at Brookfield, with Jill’s catering being received well. Daniel has centre stage and seems to have enjoyed it all. Phil’s toast, to a splendid day and a happy life together, seals the end of his daughter’s happy day.