Tommy and Hayley count their blessing

Radio Times: Tommy and Hayley count their blessing

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  • Brookfield is in two minds, Jill’s still making some last minute arrangements for tomorrow’s festivities, while Phil and David are nervous about the imminent visit of the valuers, one from the Ministry and one acting for them, to assess the doomed livestock. Phil almost begrudges having to keep and feed them if they’re to be slaughtered after Christmas, but he’s fairly sure that they’ll get a reasonable price – not least because Ruth’s record-keeping has been so good.
  • Shula and Caroline are sorting the flowers out in the Church as Roy visits, showing Phoebe the crib and nativity scene made by Uncle Tom.
  • Tommy and Hayley are having to field more complaints about their pork, Tommy, the chicken, leaves “Miss Jordan, our Business Manager” to field the irate punters – for which she’s not happy. They end up having a bit of a mudfight before deciding that, for one night, they can forget their worries and paint the town red!