A floral tribute

Radio Times: A floral tribute

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  • Will Grange Farm ever have an uneventful time? The TV broke down yesterday (although an engineer came out), the washing machine is kaputt today (although no engineer) and there’s problems in the dairy with the concentrate feeder.
  • Lower Loxley is recovering from the wedding and Nigel and Lizzie are recovering from a dull Christmas dinner with some American visitors. Julia, though, is proceeding will with her autobiography – “Without Bitterness – From Lemons to Lower Loxley” (her Dad was a greengrocer).
  • Nigel and Lizzie are visiting Brookfield and while they’re chatting with Phil, Hayley calls round to ask if Phil might tinkle the ivories into her tape recorder because they’ve no recorded music for the panto! He willingly helps but soon the recorder mangles a tape and there are problems with the levels and he, knowing himself to be making a foolish mistake, offers to come to the next rehearsal and play the piano for the production.