Planting for the future

Radio Times: Planting for the future

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  • Helen’s already preparing for her forthcoming six months work placement in Zimbabwe, but while she’s more concerned about binoculars and cameras with long lens, Pat suggests she think about her jabs – but she’s loving her enthusiasm.
  • There’s a good crowd at the tree-planting for the millennium wood. Sid and Kathy are there with Jamie (and are putting on soup for the workers). Phil and Jill have brought Daniel, too. It’s only a shame that the ground is so hard, which doesn’t help the cause.
  • Daniel wanders off, but is eventually found, although his grandparents were distinctly worried for a moment.
  • The woodland trust volunteer, Patrick, is causing a few lustful glances from some of the ladies present – even Debbie has taken the trouble to disturb her pre-lambing restful afternoon!
  • Helen and Hayley are discussing Hayley’s continued presence in the village, at least Helen is bringing it up and Hayley doesn’t seem to notice a certain unpleasant subtext in the phrasing.
  • Apparently last night’s panto rehearsal went well with Phil’s playing, but it’s still not completely ok, a situation made worse by Higgs phoning in sick – he may not be right for tomorrow’s first night!