A fortune restored?

Radio Times: A fortune restored?

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  • Julia’s New Year resolution is to rescue the Pargetter fortune and this involving ditching her autobiography for writing a bodice ripper and then securing a large advance! (In practice in involves buying lots of “How to write novels” self-help texts.)
  • Eddie heads up to Home Farm only to find that the hedge work has already gone to someone else. Neil’s there, too, having been promised some ploughing by Debbie, only to find that Brian had given it to Mike Tucker. Eddie can’t manage to convince him to try his hand as a washing machine engineer!
  • Julia, Nigel and Lizzie go to the panto (Higgs is fit and, apparently, not a patch on Jack) and briefly go to the cast party in the Bull – Phil ducked out of that honour, not wanting to be thanked by Larry any more! – but end up at the bungalow with David – Ruth’s asleep, exhausted upstairs and Jill’s minding Daniel. They toast the New Year in and resolve to make it a great one in spite of the problems facing both Brookfield and Lower Loxley.