Eddie hedges his bets

Radio Times: Eddie hedges his bets

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  • Clarrie’s washing machine is still not fixed, despite the van (like the TV before it) getting attention ahead of it. She threatens Eddie with untold damage unless it’s sorted as handwashing everything is getting her down. He’s off to market to see if he can pick up any casual work.
  • Debbie’s preparing for lambing – and being gently teased about the fact that she went to the panto last night with Patrick, the woodland trust volunteer, who half the village females were lusting after!
  • Eddie’s heard of a few other farmers who are claiming family credit. Clarrie’s open to all ideas if it means there’s food on the table for the kids – but in return she wants him to go and see Brian about casual work. He does, but turns down the offer of hedge trimming when Brian offers him £12 an hour – £3 less than last year. This doesn’t go down well with Clarrie.