A great wedding service (and Simon enjoyed himself, too)

Radio Times: Who is the wedding belle?

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  • Wedding nerves for both as they prepare, with an unexpected visit from Simon, who gives Roy a book to help him find the “inner man”. The service is lovely, with a little hitch when Roy forgets his vows, and the party is delightful. Everyone has a wonderful time, and Pip is able to be there as Bridesmaid with Becky, Phoebe and Brenda. Simon has a quiet word with Lynda about editing her video of it all. She wouldn’t want to include inappropriate things like him chatting to one of his students, now would she. An embarrassed Lynda agrees …
  • Outside, Tom and Brenda have stuffed the car full of balloons and covered it with foam. Out come the happy couple, and Roy announces they’re off on honeymoon. Overwhelmed, a happy Hayley allows herself to be swept off to London.

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